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I leave downtown at 4: The Deerbrook Mall area that serves Kingwood, Humble, and the eastern part of Spring has grown a lot.

I'd rate it above Willowbrook Mall but below the Woodlands Mall. They also have Town Center in the middle of Kingwood, but of course it's not really comparable to Market Street in the Woodlands. They do have lots of nature and hike-and-bike trails though, plus they're close to Lake Houston.

Originally Posted by analogkid A small portion of Kings River is zoned to Kingwood schools. We happen to just be in that zone as our son is at KHS. Our daughter would go to Creekwood MS if we weren't homeschooling her. It is a very nice area-fairly quiet and comfortable, and still reasonably wooded unlike the newer developments in Atascocita where clearing is rampant.

As far as schools, it's hard to get a good read from the various reports you get online. AHS is a huge school with a very large student body. I would guess that school is close to being maxed out, if not already.

I'm not sure how big the student body is at the newer high school, Summercreek. Overall, we like the area, especially as we are not in the Houston city limits, and so seem to have much lower water bills than those in Kingwood proper across the bridge. Originally Posted by taylorcolino. I say blacks because the other students were not African American, but actually African, lol.

Anyway she developed some issues, however my BFF's stepchildren, who already had a firm sense of self, were fine at Kingwood High. I too want diversity, however, so I have chosen Summerwood. Originally Posted by cammyspot. My family is African-American and I have 3 children, one starting elementary in the fall. We formerly lived in Kingwood but I preferred to move to Atascocita because of more diversity and I actually like living here better.

You have to take the school ratings online with a grain of salt. Kingwood schools have been in the news just like any other school. I like to have my children attend a school whose population represents more of the 'real world'.

There are a few places in Kingwood you can get big house on 1. Originally Posted by crescentcitygal. Last month, we fell in love with a house in Kings River, as well as with the neighborhood itself. We moved here from another state a few months ago and have been renting while we shop for a house.

Being new to the area, we had the same questions as you about whether or not Kings River is "officially" part of Kingwood. I also wanted to know why the elementary-school kids in part of KR are zoned to Greentree Elementary on the other side of Lake Houston I will be driving my kids to school, and I was concerned about traffic on Lake Houston Parkway while getting them to school in the morning.

Apparently there is a lot of animosity regarding the issues of school zoning and whether or not KR is part of Kingwood. Some say it is, and some say it is either Humble or Atascocita. For what it's worth, I have a map of Kingwood, and it does include Kings River.

I can tell you that KR is not currently incorporated into the city of Houston like the rest of Kingwood, so maybe that is where some of the controversy arises a benefit here is that taxes are lower in the unincorporated sections. This could change, of course. There is also a small part of Kingwood closer to Hwy 59 that is not incorporated into the city, and is part of Montgomery Country, not Harris I know this because we are currently living in this part. My only concern about being "across the bridge" was that both of my kids would be going to school on the other side of that bridge my son is in kindergarten in public school, and my daughter is in a private preschool , and will have different drop-off and pick-up times for the next 2 years.

Also, all of their after-school activities are in the "main" part of Kingwood. That would be a lot of driving back and forth for me.

It's really not THAT far if you think about it, but considering that Lake Houston Parkway is a major thoroughfare and the only route I could take, I worried about being late for everything because of traffic at the times I would be driving.

Of greater concern for me was the uncertainty of where my kids would go to school. It was explained to me that when KR was developed, Greentree Elementary had declining numbers, so the KR elementary kids were sent there since they didn't have their own school yet.

That situation has persisted even though the elementary-school population of the Greentree community has grown. Kids who live in Greentree are now split up among 2 or 3 different schools because Greentree elementary is full. Many of these families are understandably not happy with the situation and sort of place the "blame" on the KR families who go to Greentree rather than a school closer to home.

There was an article in the most recent Kingwood Observer about the issue of bussing kids to other schools in Humble ISD rather than the school closest to them.

Many people consider it favoritism, and I get the feeling that there are going to be changes coming in the near future. Not that I don't think the schools closer to KR are good ones I'm not familiar with them at all , but I am not comfortable with the uncertainty of where my children might be going to school in the next couple of years.

I understand that any neighborhood could possibly be rezoned at any time, but this KR issue seems to be such a hot one that I see the changes as imminent. I also worried about how that would affect property values if I am concerned about it, I'm sure others are, too.

We ultimately decided against the home in Kings River for an unrelated reason the home was not energy-efficient and we were worried about the potentially high utility bills , but I have to admit that the school zoning issue and all the hard feelings from other Kingwood families did play a part.

Originally Posted by spark When we moved to Kings River 5 years ago, we were told that this subdivision will eventually be zoned to the new high school but I graduated 2 years ago. However, I don't believe it's anywhere near completion, and I don't think that they will take any students that are already attending Kingwood High School out of that school to transfer them to Atascocita upon completion.

I have no idea how far along they are in the construction of the school, but they've been talking about it for over 5 years now. Although Kingwood is considered to be one of the top public high schools in the U. But if it's that important to you about the zoning, and your children are still young, I would consider moving closer to the center of Kingwood perhaps Mills Branch?

But check with your real estate agent first since Kings River is honestly one of the nicer neighborhoods and it's kind of difficult to find newer houses closer to the center of town: Originally Posted by momster As a long time resident of the area, let me add a few comments. Currently there are three traditional High Schools: Humble, Kingwood, and the brand new Atascosita High School. Next year the fourth traditional High School, Kingwood Park, will open.

In addition there is a nontraditional High School, Quest, and a new high school planned to open in a few years on the beltway directly across from Summerwood. As far as the "is Kings River really part of Kingwood" debate, that depends on who you ask. There is a very strong and sometimes bitter rivalry among the high schools, and I don't image that will change anytime soon. Part of Kings River is zoned to Kingwood schools, and part to Atascosita schools.

Both high schools are first rate. As Atascosita High School is seriously overcrowded, I don't see any more movement of Kings Park students into the Atascosita schools as a very strong possibiltiy, at least until the new beltway high school opens.

Then all bets are off. If you are looking for a good deal on a really nice house, then Kings Park is terrific. If, however, it is really important for you to feel a part of the Kingwood community, then I would suggest moving more into the immediate Kingwood area.

Originally Posted by Mom2Feebs. Kingwood is great, speaking from experience as I grew up there. Loved it, still do, but I will end up in The Woodlands as to me, it has more to offer. Originally Posted by BearBranch. I own in Kingwood and it is fantastic. Beautiful, well-planned, great infrastructure, lots of parks, miles of trails, shopping, dining, and a much easier drive to downtown than The Woodlands.

I chose Kingwood over the Woodlands and am very happy I did. Originally Posted by Northside Kingwood is a great area to move to. But stay clear away from the Humble High school zoning area.. The Area is going down hill, it is heading more towards an inner city vibe then a sprawling Suburb. Its might as well be an Aldine ISD school.

After the split between Atascocita and Humble High school investors and home owners are moving their children, because they know whats coming. Prices are dropping and low income apartments will start being built. No one that makes a sensible Income should put their future children in that situation. I currently reside in Fall Creek, Very nice neighborhood zoned for Atascocita hs Originally Posted by bringjoy. That being said, if you have to commute to DT, the traffic is sooo much worse from Woodlands, then i think it should be no contest, choose Kingwood and when you want real choice in dining and shopping, drive to woodlands.

Originally Posted by liberty4tx. However resell does poorly. There are several factors for this. Main reason is that majority of resale buyers wanting to live in Katy, well look under Katy, not Fulshear. I guarantee you that you will always be driving into Katy for all your events, shopping, activities. Fulshear is great but it has many more years to go before true commercial development really takes a move and builds there.

Where is the nearest Café? Yes folks other than the the Café within the community center of Fulshear you will head to Katy Or into the Fulshear town at the end of Take a drive and you will know what I am talking about. Firethorne is okay however it did not get zoned to the new highly desired Tompkins High School, there was an uproar within the community about this. Pine Mill Ranch is nearly completed and closed out.

Research on har how much homes were last year and how much homes are now, not only has brand new homes appreciated but resale homes are greatly appreciated. Pine Mill Ranch has consistently been on the top 50 sub divisions in Houston. Additionally the new elementary and new High School is just near or in the neighborhood. Spring Green is booming and Pine Mill is right off. Katy is booming and Pine Mill is in it.

Cinco Ranch is a great community with a brand name. The communities surrounding Cinco has benefited greatly from this. They will never be the same price but as far as appreciation they all will appreciate in the same way. Example Cinco home purchased in that is square feet on a 50 foot lot that cost K may now be K Appreciation: This is why many people say Cinco will always be expensive.

It is true but keep in mind you will BUY at a higher price also. The main roads are right off the same roads as Pine Mill Ranch. It may not have the "amenities" but keep in mind neither does Seven Meadows. Seven Meadows gained extreme popularity AFTER build out, when everyone noticed how far new builds were going and how convenient a location it was to be in Seven Meadows.

Originally Posted by Social D. Currently Firethorn west of is zoned to Katy High not Tompkins. I am not sure about the Firethorn sections on the east side of Cinco has the name recognition that will help in the near future on appreciation. Long term CCR might catch up but being divided into two school districts could hurt it a little. Originally Posted by TexasCatherine.

Originally Posted by usc Firethorne and Pine Mill started around the same time and has sold more homes while having a higher starting point than Pine Mill. I think Firethorne is a much better developed community than Pine Mill hands down. Firethorne has seen the same rise in appraisal as Pine Mill and may have a stronger resale.

I'm scratching my head as to why you thing Pine Mill is better? I really don't think there's a big difference between Katy, Cinco, 7L and Tompkins IMO it's not like one school is going to make or break a students college aspirations over the other. I just wish they had another builder in the neighborhood. Originally Posted by Meyerland. Barbara Bush is a great school I have had a few friends teach there.

It is comparable to many Katy schools. I taught in Katy for years and most schools south of I 10 are fantastic. I have observed there and have visited many campuses as a professional.

Originally Posted by Rip Barbara Bush is located in the energy corridor so thats why the rentals are so expensive. Honestly, a lot if not all of elementary schools in KatyISD are great. Here are the rankings Houston wide: We have personal experience with Rylander elementary and could not have asked for a better experience.

Teachers and Principal were top notch. Any elementary in Cinco Ranch and surrounding neighborhoods are a safe bet. This is what you are getting yourself into: Cinco Ranch by Newland Communities Cinco Ranch is the top selling master planned community in all of Texas and top 3 nation wide. The Cypress Center is on the "north" side.

People refer to the north side as north of I Cinco Ranch is on the south side and its generally more desirable than North Katy. North Katy is a cluster of small communities clustered together with a lot of "starter" homes. It's fine, but I would never invest in the north side.

If you go west of the Grand Parkway and North of I I think that area is going to shape out nicely. Originally Posted by kaiden We lived in Cinco Ranch for a year and loved the amenities, but we personally liked the feel of Cross Creek Ranch more so we built here and we have loved it.

It feels more like a community here than Cinco did, but you are separated in CRNW so you may have that feeling there too. You will definitely have a trek if you want to hit the pools in older Cinco the beach club would be worth the drive. We love the natural look out here The one thing you should be aware of, however, is that they are planning to build a 24 hour supercenter walmart within half a mile of the neighborhood.

Traffic on is already bad during rush hour so this development will add to the congestion, especially if they add the apartments they were proposing. We were very discouraged to hear about this development - and had we known it was coming we would have looked into different neighborhoods so this is just a courtesy heads up. Katy is a quickly growing area. Crime is below the Houston average but seems that those that won't commit crimes in their own territory are branching out and Katy gets hit by that sometimes.

Incomes are above average but as stated they vary by area. I would take Katy over Houston any day of the week. Lots of nice housing developments out there to choose from. Cross Creek Ranch, Cinco Ranch, etc. Originally Posted by Athena2c.

I too recommend coming to see Katy. We looked at Katy and have friends who live there and love it, but personally I didn't like it. Not enough trees, etc. Originally Posted by cheryjohns. There are mature trees in older south Katy. By older, I mean the homes are over 10 years old gasp! People keep going further and further west in order to get brand new, but then the trees are saplings.

Originally Posted by Happyman Katy is an amazing place. It is far better than Houston in many categories. However it is entirely different than San Francisco or the Bay area. I live in Katy so I can help. There are 4 parts of Katy, the 1st is the city of Katy, which itself is pretty old but isn't a bad place to live.

The 2nd is the Katy area north of I, it is pretty bad compared to the south, worse schools, poorer people more crime. The 3rd is the part of katy area that is east of 99 and south of I This is a wonderful, mature area of Katy with average-sized houses, trees, neighborhoods, families, little crime, great schools. The 4th is the part of katy area that is west of 99 and south of I This area is filled with new houses, has almost no trees, the only attraction is the giant houses.

It has good schools, families, little crime, and its just mostly rich people. The temperature of Katy is in the 60s during winter and the s during summer. It abruptly switches between the two around October and April. There are almost nobody with job problems, most people work in the energy corridor. The schools are fantastic in the South side of I They are 5x as better than any Houston school. The schools are Katy's main attraction.

There is really good highway access in Katy to Houston. To go straight downtown it takes minutes on the Westpark Tollway or I if you live right next to them. The worst I've seen is when a pair of teenagers spray painted a couple of fences along the road. That only happens about every 6 months, but the neighborhood gossips about it as if it was murder.

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