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Sep 28,  · How to Find the Perfect Jeans for You. The perfect jeans are a staple of anyone's wardrobe and should be both comfortable and flattering. With your unique body shape and sense of style, it can be hard to find a pair that's just whomeverf.cf: K.

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I’m still on the hunt for the perfect cargo pant, but in the meantime, these NEED utility pants will more than do. They have SO MANY FUN features, like a hammer .
A Guide to Perfect Pant Lengths — by Angie. on February 12, Here’s a summary of the most important posts that I have written about pant lengths. Unsurprisingly, I have a lot to say on the subject because it’s my thing.
Welcome to the season of something for everyone: wide-leg, skinny, high-rise you-shaped. There are so many good options now! Pick your best pair here.
@Madame Defarge: The Perfect pant is a basic simple stretch pant that works in so many different lifestyle categories. We only offer a long & cropped pant along with a short skirt because in this type of fabric, those are the best fitting items.
The Perfect Pant was created by Yvette Pasco as a line of lifestyle garments. Designed with a focus on fit, style, and comfort, each piece is ideal for lounge, travel, and active/yoga wear. Fashioned with clean lines in a super soft stretchy black fabric, you'll find yourself reaching for these pants over and over/5(6).
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I just received the Patagonia Snow Guide pants. Originally Posted by kootenayskier. Haven't tried skiing in them yet, but they really seem great.

The last 4 seasons I've been touring in Mountain Equipment epic touring pants prize for the lamest name ever , and they've held up great. The fit has never been great for me though, as I'm probably too skinny. Join Date Nov Posts OR Trailbreakers were the only pair I could find that were comfortable, fit right, and met my criteria of a pocket for a field book and another for a beacon. I can put the TLT6 into ski mood without adjust the pant, just opening the zipper.

Langes with more classic buckles are a bit more PITA without moving the pant cuff up and down. Probably gonna keep them, especially since they cost half as much AAC discount as the norrona or Arcteryx current models. The new Rab Upslope pant is a contender. It seems similar to the old version but the vents are a huge upgrade. Nice mid-weight soft shell fabric 3 pockets the top pocket is a tad small but the other 2 thigh pockets are nicely sized Vents with mesh lining Snow gaiters Athletic fit but not full rando Comes in waist sizes 30, 32, 34 etc instead of just small, medium, large.

Fit seems right on. I'm typically a 32 waist and the 32s fit me very well. Belt loops Suspender compatible Reinforcements at the cuff My only complaint is the cuffs flare a bit too much if you ask me. It's not too bad when I'm actually wearing boots, but still seems a bit overkill. It does make it easy to get them over your boots.

I just worry about possibly snagging crampons. If they had a less flared cuff but had the zip open cuff like the old Procline FL it would be pretty much perfect IMO. Page 1 of 3. Mar 10th, , Has anyone found the perfect pair of black travel pants that don't wrinkle, bag, stretch out, pill sp or is a lint magnet?

I don't care for Chico's, slinky materials, or nylon athletic styles, just a pair of pants that could go from plane to dinner in a nice resto. Is that too much to ask for!! Send a private message to Barb. Find More Posts by Barb. They are classics that I have had for 3 years and they travel beautifully. Send a private message to nolefan1. Find More Posts by nolefan1.

A nice, lined pair of tropical wool slacks can go anywhere, winter or summer, and always look great. I have bought several pair from Banana Republic. Send a private message to missypie. Find More Posts by missypie.

I like these from the White Company http: I have them in black, brown and navy, and wear them a lot, almost every day in fact I have my navy ones on as I type! I was wearing my black pair in Dubrovnik the day we walked the walls - I don't think they looked terrible but you might have done LOL!

Title 9 has some good ones Send a private message to lennyba. Find More Posts by lennyba. Julia, I forgot about those pants. They looked terrific on you. I was looking for something a tad more tailored, I think, as I do have a similar pair to yours and a skirt with the rolled waist also that I love.

The Title 9s look very comfy, but, maybe a little casual. I have one current perfect pair. But they are a beautiful light brown color 'gaucho' style by Karen Kane. Fabric has a teeny bit of stretch to it but is not a knit or slinky synthetic. I have better luck looking at good quality normal clothing, instead of anything specifically meant for "travel". Anytime I go shopping, I'm thinking Send a private message to suze.

Find More Posts by suze. Suze, I know what you mean. I used to order from Travelsmith and shopped for specific travel clothing, but now, like you, I look for regular clothes that are lightweight, wrinkle free, etc. So far, I've just not found that perfect black pant though. Being height-challenged, gauchos just don't look right on me. Wish they did because they are great, on other people. On trips when I spot someone wearing a great pant, I am so tempted to ask them where they got them.

But they would probably say in Norwegian, Oslo. I have a pair that fit all your criteria except the last one; they are extremely lint prone. I got them several years ago at a great Eileen Fisher sale and they still look great. They're sort of jersey like but a little more substantial, wash out in the sink and dry overnight with nary a wrinkle or crease. If I could just get a handle on the lint thing, they would be perfect.

Seems like I read somewhere about a cure for that, like soaking them in something but I can't remember where I saw it. Send a private message to Linda Find More Posts by Linda Try on the editors at Express -- i know, i know, cheap mall store but they really work.

The fabric is soft and comfortable with very good stretch -- the pants look really fitted and tailored but I can fly all day in them. Haven't tried them in black but they have a ton of colors and the ones I have don't attract lint at all. Send a private message to fishee. Find More Posts by fishee. I've seen it at a number of stores, such as Eddie Bauer. It sounds like it would meet your needs. Send a private message to elberko.

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The perfect lifestyle garment. Simple pants that fit well, look good, and feel even better. Shop The Perfect Pant with free shipping! The perfect lifestyle garment. Simple pants that fit well, look good, and feel even better. Shop The Perfect Pant with free shipping! Skip to content. Submit. PICK YOUR SIZE. 2. ADD YOUR SHAPE. Fitlogic® is the key to getting a perfect fit. Fitlogic®, the system that makes the Little Black Pant™ fit like it's custom-made, is the brainchild of Cricket Lee. I am always on the lookout for the perfect black pant, and I think I have found them. While I don’t work outside the home, I do need dress pants. Black pants are a staple piece in my wardrobe, so I will spend a little more money on them.

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