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Leggings, jeggings and treggings explained Leggings, jeggings and treggings, this season it’s been all about the ‘ings’. But with all these fashion terms being thrown around, do you know the difference?

Jeggings also come in various colors but since they are simply leggings that look like skin tight jeans, they usually come in jeans colors and designs such as faded, blue, black, torn etc.

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Leggings, jeggings and treggings explained Leggings, jeggings and treggings, this season it’s been all about the ‘ings’. But with all these fashion terms being thrown around, do you know the difference?
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We put together six outfits — starring leggings — that are comfy, fashionable, and don't fall prey to old, middle-school styling tactics.

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I'm talking about these 3 at the top http: That fits in with the "jeggings" game in terms of being slut-wear. We've done three of those already, so I think we need to move on. We did a homeless-wear one , which did pretty well. Now we need another category. I saw a girl with yoga pants crammed so far up the crack of her ass that her butthole was visible.

It winked at me. More often than not there is nothing wrong with the outfits that go up there, and the outfits that do belong there don't deserve being creep posted onto the internet. For everyone shocked by the existence of jeggings, I just wanted to let everyone know they did have a legit purpose at one time. They came around when long tops called "tunic tops" if I remember correctly became popular.

If you wore one of those tops over regular jeans, you would see the belt loops and buttons and the thick denim fabric through the thin tunic and it looked weird. Jeggings made with a thin denim-like stretch material solved the problem and looked like regular jeans under the tunic. Also, jeggings are easier to wear under boots than regular jeans, but again, you were still supposed to wear a longer top or sweater over them. Then, cheap stores started making them out of fucking spandex, and teenage girls decided it was the new cool way to look ridiculous, so now we've come to find outfits like the one on the girl in the video.

Shoot em up by Nas. On one hand, Jeggings are fine in that we as a society should become more normalized to bare skin and the human form rather than continuing to regard it as sinful and immoral.

It's not that people view it as "sinful and immoral" it's that people view it as sexual. Do you think that 5 year-old me who just got his first boner on the beach while looking at a topless chick was thinking how sinful and immoral it was? Oh god, i just realised how dirty this post sounded. I'm honestly being serious when i was 5 years old i was able to be erect, obviously my sister seen it and told my parents. It wasn't until i seen the gif below me then re-read my post to realise how people may have took this in the wrong way.

They don't even realize how lucky they are. Just goes to show the old saying is true, "you don't know what you got til it's gone. Yeah I got boners all the time as a little kid.

Happens to a lot of boys when they get frustrated or excited. Doesn't become a sexual response until puberty. I've been masturbating for as long as I can remember, I was shooting blanks up until the 5th or 6th grade.

I'm working on Meggings. They are jeggings but for men. I'm expecting a big hit in the gay and hipster communities. The fact that you can see the outline of the model's flaccid penis in a few of the pictures makes me uneasy.

I'm working on muggings. Knocking out men wearing meggings and stealing the tiny bit of dignity that they have left. I guess you never witnessed that part of teenage culture where wearing woman's pants was a "cool scene kid" thing. So many men at work still do this. You work in a fast paced warehouse and need to be able to move.

Instead you walk like a penguin that shit its pants. For a 50 year old dude Conan seems to be in decent shape. Have you seen his abs? My three year old daughter wears jeggings and jorts. Real jeans don't stretch and have zippers and the like. SOOOO annoying as opposed to stretchy pants that just go up and down.

Jorts are simply jean shorts. Some people you wish wouldn't blab about what they do, but they have the right to. It's not a one way street. Yeah, elementary school kids are less attracted to underage girls so that's a way to tell them apart.

So you want others to get over it and become normalized to things they don't want to see, but aren't willing to hold yourself to the same standard. I totally agree with you on that its about the context.

There's a time and a place. The nude or most nude body can be beautiful in the right situation. Say tanning at the beach but there's no need to show ass cheeks when wearing shorts around town. You might show your ass cheeks at the beach because you don't want tan lines, but any other situation you're just try to make your image more sexual. Say you grew a mustache. And while you thought it looked freakin sweet , it actually made you look like a pedophile.

Should your friends tell you that it makes you look terrible, or should they pretend to not notice mothers crossing the street to avoid you?

As friends, they have the permission to tell you it looks pervy. If you love it and want to rock it, that's your call as long as it's legal and you're willing to accept the fact that you're probably going to look like an extra from CHiPS.

I'm not down with pretending obesity should be celebrated. But this dude is a massive hypocrite. If you need something funky-fresh that shows off your sassy style, try a pair with bright-colored patterns or new-wave designs. Dress it up a notch. Leggings are now acceptable attire for the workplace and can easily be styled up with a loose blouse or chic blazer.

Mistake tights for leggings. Never ever and we mean ever! The main difference lies in the fact that one is socially acceptable and durable enough to brave the public eye, while the other is not originally intended to stand alone as pants. I gave away my pair of skinny jeans very low rise that annoyed me and bought another pair of jeggings. While I usually wear them with tunics, I asked the question myself in this thread http: I have no doubt your legs are far superior to mine and that you would be fine in jeggings with a shorter top!

I just started wearing jeggings this past Fall and I love them. I avoided dresses in the Winter and I also didn't like the way I looked in leggings. But now I wear dresses and long tunics and sweatercoats over them. I have a pair in denim and a pair in ponte knit. I don't like the look with short tops. Ironically enough, I just saw in People StyleWatch that "friends don't let friends wear jeggings.

I think they have their uses but I am honestly kind of over jeggings. I much prefer a more structured and slightly looser jean. In my opinion, although jeggings are undoubtedly very comfortable, they're TOO stretchy and show all the lumps and bumps. A nice pair of real denim creates a much more pleasing silhouette. I have one pair of jeggings and one pair of leggings-that-think-they're-pants, and I pretty much only wear them with tall boots and long butt-covering tops. They're good for plane rides though!

I wear them like legging, to be honest and love them, but the word "jeggings" makes me ill. I'll even take "bubblegums" over "jeggings. Several of you mentioned that the style of jeggings matters, and I agree. When they first came out I thought they were just leggings with a denim-like print on them, so I didn't even consider them.

But the ones I just got really look exactly like jeans -- even the fabric is quite heavy. The tag says "Jean Leggings", and the front pockets are fake, although the back pockets are real and there is a front zip. So I'm a little confused now about when exactly we use the word "jegging" to describe a garment.

And on that topic -- ironkurtin, you're funny. What's wrong with the word jeggings? I am 54 yr. The stretch makes them much more comfortable for me than regular denim jeans. I even have them in colors, red, cobalt etc. I love how easy and sleek they look tucked into boots, no bunching. My rule for styling them is that my top 'layers' [ tops, cardis, jackets ] must cover the majority of my derriere[sp?

I'm a big fan of great fitting jeggings. They have been very, very good to me. I don't believe jeggings look decent if you wear them as pants I think with the heavier than leggings fabrication, it is OK if a little butt peaks out from a long shirt but no more than that. I'm 48 and I wear mine at least once a week.

I like the proportion with a longer cover most of my butt top. And they are comfy and suit my MOTG lifestyle. I love mine with tunics. They have the pockets in the back and look like real jeans but they are extra stretchy.

What I love about the one's I have is that they are flat in front and don't have pockets. While it drives me a little crazy not to have front pockets, it creates a nice smooth line with thinner knit tunics.

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Quelle robe porter avec un legging With leggings, your outfit possibilities are endless. Check out our 35 favorite stylish and cute outfits with leggings for some serious outfit inspiration! 7 Pants to Try for Fall (That Aren’t Jeans) (The Everygirl) women jackets guess - Women’s Jackets – . Find great deals on Jeggings Clothing at Kohl's today! Sponsored Links Outside companies pay to advertise via these links when specific phrases and words are searched. Leggings are the perfect versatile item for your wardrobe. Wear them to the gym, to lounge in or dress them up for work and the holidays. Here are this year’s legging outfits and .

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