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Trespass Ski Jackets for Boys. The boys' ski jacket collection features pieces that are made to be worn proudly and confidently on the slopes, without concern for the conditions.

Boys and girls ski jackets, pants, apre boots and other snow gear all at discounted prices online. Boys Shoes Clothing Accessories View all Spyder Traveller Pnt Ld No valid email address.

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offers a full line of snowboarding and technical winter apparel, jackets, pants and outerwear with advanced snow technology. A product of a thirst for innovation and an open mind constantly searching for a way to alter the outcome of the future.
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Shaping the future of activewear since – Discover our innovative and athlete approved ski, golf and lifestyle collections. Find your perfect match.

Maybe you are feeling more of a beach vibe. Nothing goes better with soft sand, chill surf and warm sun than a pair of Reef Sandals. Obsessed with surfing and completely enveloped by the lifestyle, Reef never fails to bring the best flip flops to anyone who wants to enjoy a cool, comfortable sandal that can keep up with all sorts of shenanigans. Get swept off your feet by a pair of Clearance Reef Sandals that are more than just another flip-flop.

If you are a fan of skate shoes with fresh styles and innovative takes on how a shoe should look and perform, there are plenty of DVS shoes involved in the Clearance Close Out Sale. And now, at low Clearance prices, you can sink your feet into a pair without sinking your wallet. Sometimes it is hard to think of pants as anything other than pants, but for those who are avid travelers, you know pants have to be so much more than a pair of leg huggers.

Travel pants need to pull triple duty as functional outerwear that keeps you comfortable in a variety of circumstances, act as a storage facility for all your important things that are essential to have on hand and they must be stylish enough to make a good first impression for wherever you pop up on the globe. With brands like Ex Officio, Arcteryx and Prana leading the travel pants pack in the Clearance section, it is easy to score amazing deals on pants that are more than just regular pants.

Men's Short Sleeve Ts. Men's Long Sleeve Ts. Men's Button Down Shirts. Women's Short Sleeve Ts. That being said, we were able to have multiple body types assess the pant selection. Certain themes came up, and the reviews of each product note these observations. We tested size medium pants. For the most part, every pair of pants we tested fit, someone, well.

All were usable for our lead tester, a self-described "extra medium" always wears a size medium. Additionally, we took fabric texture into account. Thick, stiff pants with no hanging liner, like the FlyLow Baker , aren't as comfy as the lighter, more flexible Patagonia Powder Bowl. Of the three-layer pants, the Arc'teryx Sabre pleased the most users, while the Norrona Lofoten made up for stiff fabric with careful tailoring.

The Columbia Bugaboo II pants have the softest fleece lining, but the thick insulation hampered the range of motion. The Spyder Dare is as comfortable as any of the other award winners.

Fit and weather resistance have top importance when evaluating ski or snowboarding pants. Weather resistance is a function of both the shell fabric and garment design. All tested pants had adequately waterproof and windproof outer fabric.

However, to maximize the weather protection of this outer fabric, effective construction is key. Pants must have separate and tight inner cuffs, solid zippers and flaps, and an adequate water repellant DWR finish. The DWR is what makes water "bead" on the surface of the fabric.

It blocks light weather and keeps the face fabric dry. This is important for weather protection, but it also helps maintain the breathability of the fabric laminate. All of the tested pants have adequate weather resistance. Each is ready for average ski conditions, but when pressed, the fabrics might get overwhelmed.

For the SnowShot and Freedom , the catch is in the less-breathable construction. In humid of conditions, condensation can appear on the inside, making it feel like the weather is getting through. Finally, the Columbia Bugaboo II lacks seam sealing and is less protective as a result. In our shower test, we observed external moisture getting through the seams. This pair is the only product that exhibited this attribute. However, the insulated design is best suited to cold climates and conditions where there will be no liquid precip to breach the pants.

Just like in all cold-weather clothing, insulation matters. It is important to note, however, that most skiers give little thought to their pants' insulation. In cold conditions, layering underneath works best. So we tested for warmth but didn't put a great deal of weight on this metric.

We granted a Top Pick award to the insulated Spyder Dare. This product is the best-insulated pant in our test, and we recommend it for those looking for warm ski pants.

Not every ski day or ski climate is equal. Changes in latitude, exertion, and weather all require versatility from your clothing. While you may choose from some upper body layers, you will likely own just one pair of pants. That pair of pants must be versatile and well ventilated to accommodate the entire range of temperatures and exertion. If you use your pants for backcountry use as well, pay close attention to ventilation. Our testing team included backcountry ski guides which recommend well-venting resort pants for occasional backcountry use but noted that if you are an avid backcountry skier, dedicated backcountry pants will be well worth the investment in regards to comfort.

When thinking about ventilation, look for thigh vents. Vents on the inside are more effective than those on the outside. The Flylow Baker Bibs earn special notice because of their inner and outer leg vents. The long, non-mesh backed vents of the Arc'teryx Sabre and Norrona Lofoten are effective, but a touch immodest. The Columbia Bugaboo II pants do not have any vents. However, certain characteristics and considerations stand out.

Unlike ski jackets , it is less likely that you will wear your ski or snowboarding pants to the bar. But if you do end up there in your full kit—and our testing team loves those nonstop days when you head straight from last chair to partying down—you are unlikely to care too much about what sort of statement your pants make when not on skis.

Ski pants don't need to look like anything other than ski pants. You will likely own far fewer ski or snowboarding pants than you do ski jackets. Choose your colors carefully. It is tempting to go for one of the many colorful pants available, but this limits your jacket selection.

If you mix and match jackets, grey or black pants are most versatile. Regarding style, fit varies. A baggy fit is in but fading. The degree of bagginess varies. Snowboarders can get away with more "sag" and extra fabric.

Skiers require a little more range of motion and therefore less fabric. Backcountry users, whether on skis or snowboard, need even more range of motion than skiers at the resort. Highlighting the changes in style, the Arc'teryx Sabre has slimmed down in the years we have been testing. The latest iteration has a closer fit than its ancestors.

The Spyder Dare has a sophisticated look and is offered in more colors than in the past. The smooth, rugged fabrics of the FlyLow and Norrona pants are sleek. Important features are integrated belts, pockets, key or pass clips, and Recco technology.

Consult our ski pant buying advice article for more information on Recco. None of these features are make-or-break attributes, but the sum of a carefully designed feature set adds value. It can be a daunting task to select the perfect pair of pants for you.

With the many options available, how do you choose? Weather resistance, comfort, and durability are just a few of the important features to consider. Like any purchase, it is the balance of all these attributes, alongside cost and style, that informs your decision. With ski pants, factor in the amount of time you'll use them and with what ski jacket you will pair them.

Where you ski, how you ski, and what your overall exertion level will factor in too. We speak to this "meat of the business. That time is precious, and our recommendations can make or break an entire season's ski trips. We take that seriously, and carefully consider all the variables when making our recommendations. We believe this review will give you the details that you need to make an informed decision. To learn more about the important features, consult our Buying Advice article.

The Best Ski Pants for Men of Displaying 1 - 5 of 9. January Update We just added a new ultralight option and award winner: The Patagonia Cloud Ridge. It's an ultralight ski pant that doubles as a rain pant.

We used this pant bike commuting, boating, resort skiing and more. That said, it lacks the ski specific features of many other pants.

See all prices 4 found. See all prices 3 found. New Version Spyder updated the ventilation on the latest version of this pant, moving the vent pockets to the inner thighs. This should improve ventilation overall. We detail all the updates to this model in the individual review. See all prices 2 found. Bomber protection from nuking weather.

Can be used as rain pants or ski pants. An OutdoorGearLab selection of ski pants. The clean lines and tailored fit of the Sabre suit users of all shapes and objectives. Cold smoke, cold air, and pants for this cold weather.

A Functional Guide to Burton's Five Fits

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