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KC August 28th, at 1: His name was Lang. Vintage Zollinger-Harned Logo, from the early s: If I remember correctly the menu was a hamburger, cheeseburger, small fry, and small drink.

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The Whitehall Mall is an enclosed shopping mall located in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania in the United States. The mall is located north of Allentown, on MacArthur Road at its intersection with Grape Street. It is located directly across Grape Street from the Lehigh Valley whomeverf.cf: WP Glimcher.
Whitehall Mall details, information, sales & events: Whitehall Mall page includes information from mall - mall shopping hours, location and directions, stores and malls locator. Stores or factory outlet stores listing search on the list whomeverf.cfon: Whitehall Mall, Whitehall, Pennsylvania-PA
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Currently, the Whitehall Mall houses a Sears (which stands in its original location, but no longer has mall access), Weis, Bed Bath and Beyond (both in the strip center portion of the mall) and Kohl’s (which resides at the end of one long interior corridor.

I continue my yearly tradition of Black Friday shopping at Kohl's, although this year I got a late start, usually out by 6 a. Asked a stranger to take a picture of me with one of the Misfits from Toyland, like myself ,not to mention any names Nancy Fritzinger and all my other Misfit friends, you know who you are! I'm so blessed to have all you freaks in my life! If you need your phone or tablet or laptop repaired quick instead of waiting up to over a week to be repaired come by the Whitehall mall.

Waoo that beauty of Christmas. Early birthday gift cards. Shopoing till I drop. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Explore local businesses on Facebook. Posts about Whitehall Mall. Jennifer Ann Gross is in Whitehall Mall. Widalis Wiwi Adorno added 2 new photos — feeling lovely in Whitehall Mall. Very happy with my mother's gift, Thank you Lord!! Josue Acosta is in Whitehall Mall. Charlene M Piskula is in Whitehall Mall. August 4th, at I have been searching all over the Internet today for a specific arcade racing game that I used to love.

This led me to try finding that good ole arcade in the Whitemall that we went to all the time when I was a kid in the lates and early s. When I saw the photos of the mall where Woolworths was and the plaza with that drop-down wall where it says Plaza and Offices on either end of it, brought tears to my eyes because of those memories.

I miss the way the Whitehall Mall used to be. It was a nice small mall. I used to frequent it and the Lehigh Valley Mall. My husband grew up not too far from there. I had visited them both in , and then various things kept us out of the area until around ish give or take. Only Sears survives out of those stores. I believe Weis was there at that time. I do remember there being a Sixteen Plus, Catherines which has moved out of the mall to a strip center up the street , Payless still there , and a store that sold Capezio dance shoes may have been a Capezio store.

When we went back, I was saddened to see that they hacked the nice little mall up. John January 23rd, at 3: This mall was the site of the first suburban location for Zollinger-Harned, a local department store whose Hamilton Street location in Center City Allentown is now the Sovereign Building.

JB March 23rd, at 8: There used to be a Woolworth there with a lunch counter that opened into the mall. Melba April 24th, at 1: I would say the mall opened around or 68 as I remember shopping there as a little girl. It was the first indoor mall that I can recall in the area. The Plaza theater was at the back end of the mall. I also remember for the longest time in the northern parking lot there was a big slide…the old multi lane slide that you ride down in a burlap sack.

Clover was added later and was not an original part of the mall. But I remember that everybody raved about it and I always thought the pizza was just so-so. I will ask around and see if any one else remembers…. July 16th, at 2: Kristin, Thanks alot, I have been trying to find the name of the pizza place for at least 5 years. January 21st, at 2: I have been trying to find anyone else that remembered it.

My friends all thought I was crazy when I told them I remembered going there. Scott May 4th, at 4: What a weird mall now. Just a small enclosed portion. I wonder how they expect something that small to succeed. Chris Whittaker May 4th, at 9: Eric May 4th, at Thanks for the updates on some of the old posts! Matt from WI May 5th, at I think this calls for another Wisconsin mall write up soon. I wished I got pics when I went to Northland for the first time in , but I was young and dumb back then.

I did get pics from and again in Allan May 5th, at I find it quite weird that they tore down the hallway toward Sears, but I guess the owners of Whitehall were having trouble keeping occupancy rates high enough for their standards or something…. It certainly must not encourage many Sears shoppers to shop the rest of the stores in the remaining enclosed portion of this mall….. And as for what Matt was posting, was Northland Mall a mall that used to co-exist with the more successful sorry if I get the name wrong.

Fox River Mall, or whatever the name of the really successful mall that dominates the Appleton area? Or was it one that opened before Fox River did?

July 6th, at 5: Just down from it, not attached but in the same lot, is a Festival Foods. The mall is located at OO Northland Ave. Bobby May 5th, at Matt from WI May 5th, at 5: Keep out an eye on the blog. It would be rather detailed to explain in a response to this posting…. Chris Whittaker May 5th, at 5: Not too much, since by the time I got here, it had become state offices with a couple of businesses left over that services the state workers, kind of like the Empire State Plaza without the location or towers.

You can find a description of this mall on Storetrax. Apparently Weis took part of hte old theater too. Apparently the Weis closed late last year: Steven Swain May 6th, at Sure they were a little dated, but you can tell it was a nice store.

Matt May 7th, at 8: The Quakertown store closed earlier this year, so the space is empty once again. I prime mall hangout age from to I remember it all like it was yesterday. The Lehigh Valley Mall was much bigger and better but we had some fun times in the Whitehall mall.

The ruined the LV Mall with that stupid renovation the took away the spiral staircase. Saw many movies at the Plaza movie theater like E. That whole area has changed so much it makes me sad.

This mall is totally destroyed now. The new Millenium has not been kind to malls. Both malls had a Space Port arcade.

They ruled back then. I could go on forever. Where can I find more vintage photos of these malls? May 14th, at I too have fond memories of the Whitehall mall. It was where my girlfriends would go to hang out,…. I would love to check out old pics too…. The Orange Julius in the Whitehall Mall was king as well! Two Guys department store was one of my favorites too. Charlie November 7th, at 5: I can even remember the times before Space Port.

They had various mechancial arcade games placed throughout the mall. This was the mid to early 70s. Joe December 21st, at Santa arriving by helicopter.

Colored ping pong balls dropped from the heilcopter to be traded for Mall gifts. Great place to check out the latest rock posters that glowed under a black light. Ah yes, the record dept. Ben January 13th, at 2: One thing that I always noticed about the Whitehall Mall is the small second floor located near the entrance with what appears to be a bank of offices. These offices are obviously no longer in use, and they look like they must have been designed sometime in the seventies and have not been updated since then.

I grew up in the Allentown area and can tell you some info. Weis Markets was unique in the sense that the store could be entered through the mall or through an outside entrance. It was very unique for a mall to have a grocery store located within it.

There was the enclosed mall and there was also the outside mall stores that could only be reached outside the mall from the parking lot. The anchor store was Clover Department Store which was the budget minded division of Strawbridge and Clothier it was much like a fancy K-mart. The Whitehall Mall had mall offices upstairs on a second floor as well as community rooms that were for the public and restrooms. The area that was orginally the mall stores and Sears mall wing was turned into what is now occupied by Bed Bath and Beyond, Kay Jewelers, Haband, etc.

Dave February 29th, at 8: I grew up in the Lehigh Valley and watched the Whitehall Mall being built — my family used to eat at the Fireside Restaurant across MacArthur Road from the building site. We were all amazed at the size of the project — we had never even heard of a mall at that point.

My family shopped at Sears — the old one on 7th Street in Allentown before the mall opened. Later in life my first credit card was a Sears store card that I applied for at the Whitehall Mall store. Once the Lehigh Valley Mall opened I spent more time there in my late teens, hanging out and shopping. Chris March 17th, at 9: I also rember being at various stores inside the mall and Sears, which still exists and is about the same today. Here is some informat ion about this mall that I can give to you.

Also the Weis Markets went out of business like over a year ago even though it had outside access and I think the main reason is that most people like me always went to the Weis up on MacArthur Road which was actually built and opend up right after the Whitehall Mall location has been renovated and both Weis have been operating at the same time for like over five years.

Also, i think this happend sometime around the boxing renovations that the Sea Food Restaurant has closed and that the former Home Town Buffet that was located on MacArthur Road moved into that spot under the name Old Country Buffet Which is a related buffet in the same company , and is still doing good business today.

But keep in mind that even though things look differently now most of the mall like throught the strip is still the original part of the mall. Johnese March 30th, at 3: The cieling was adorned with circular panels done in various colors.

The tile in the floor had circular patterns that mimicked the cieling. Outside of Zollingers which later became Lehs , there were four very large lighting fixtures that hung from the cieling. The lighting fixtures were black and white striped cylinders and were futuristic in a s sense.

There was a very, very large bird cage in the center of the mall that included large tropical birds. The bird cage disappeared in the early s. The rest of the trippy decor was removed in the mid to late s. February 13th, at 3: Rebecca April 27th, at 1: Last time I checked it was still in the Lehigh Valley Mall. Now how that mall is changing and a lot of those stores are being forced to close, who knows if it is there or not. Lenny May 10th, at 8: Chris made mention of the 2 weis stores, the one in the mall and another up the road.

When the renovation was announced, they were unsure on whether to rebuild or replace the mall store. They chose both, which explains why both stores [re]opened only a year apart. Spencers was in both malls simutaneously while WM was an indoor mall.

Max June 8th, at 2: I would really appreciate it if Labelscar could one day profile the Lehigh Valley Mall. I visited that mall yesterday, and I had a great time. The Lehigh Valley Mall has a beautiful, whitewashed look to it. As most already know, the outdoor lifestyle portion is now open, and it is a wonderful addition to the mall.

Francis July 27th, at 9:

Lehigh Valley Mall is a super-regional, two-level, enclosed shopping mall with attached outdoor Lifestyle Center located in Whitehall, PA at the intersection of Rt and Rt Lehigh Valley Mall is the dominant regional shopping mall serving Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton with shops ranging from women’s fashion to specialty retail to children’s apparel. The Whitehall Mall stores and surrounding MacArthur Road stores offer value and convenient shopping for residents of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and the entire Lehigh Valley area. Anchor stores such as Sears and Kohl's along with Tweeter, Bed Bath & Beyond, Zany Brainy, Michael's Crafts and Weis Markets truly make your shopping experience convenient and affordable whether you are shopping for . Whitehall Mall is an open air shopping center that sits at the northeast corner of Grape Street and State Route /MacArthur Road. The town center is home to more than 25 popular retail, dining, health and wellness, and entertainment options. For more information, please call () or /5(4).

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